Welcome to the home for people interested in the creative industries. If you have a passion for film, TV, publishing, music, gaming, animation or illustration then welcome to creative lab.

creative lab is a vibrant community full of people like you who want to expand their creative opportunities. Come and participate and see your project or idea come to life or career ambitions take on another level.

Is creative lab for me?

Whether you are a student with an interest in media or an established producer with a passion for content or simply someone wanting to meet other creatives, your search ends here.

How can creative lab help me?

We guide. We train. We support Arab creative talents and guide their ambitions to bring ideas to life. Our community is open to everyone. You just need to come to us with a passion for the media and entertainment industry. We are a network who shares and connects like-minded people. Join in today and see where it takes you.

Are you and enthusiastic person who can help us?

You can volunteer on creative lab productions, shadow some of the talented professionals we partner with, boost your skills with an internship, attend workshops or short courses, gain help to market your project or simply hangout and brainstorm creative ideas. Go ahead, explore your creative potential.