“An actor cannot sit around; you have to seek out opportunities everywhere” - Suniel Shetty
twofour54 and FTC Talent Media & Entertainment organized an auditioning workshop for aspiring future actors to learn the art of auditioning with Bollywood star Suniel Shetty on the 24th and 25th of June 2019, where the participants learned the basics of professional auditioning and acting throughout the two-day workshop.

twofour54 studios in Mussafah received the participants for the first day for general auditioning tips from the FTC professional crew, along with Suniel Shetty who taught them how to strengthen their auditioning and acting skills. The team also helped them through the auditioning steps, including tips on how to get the acting job in the future. Here are the three most valuable tips given during the Q&A session:

"Get the confidence and let it go": Without any doubts, confidence is the main reason behind every success story; that is why Suniel Shetty urged the actors to have confidence, not only in acting, but in all life aspects.

"Let ego never get in the way": Although confidence is very important, overconfidence or ego makes you feel above everyone, or that you know more than others, so you will never get to experience new things and learn new techniques.

"Never give up": The acting market is very selective; you have to prepare yourself for rejections, and you have to get more experienced and attend workshops to sharpen your skills.

After the Q&A session, the participants got scripts to practice on, and later they had a real auditioning session with instant feedback from Suniel Shetty and the FTC team on how they can improve their skills—from their tones and vocals to their overall performance.

At the end of the day, the FTC Talent Media & Entertainment team chose not only 20 participants to continue onto the second day of the workshop as planned, but surprisingly, all participants were given the chance to carry on with the workshop for the headshot session with a professional photographer to build their portfolio, and a second audition where they were asked to prepare their own scripts.

The participants arrived to the second day of the workshop with a high level of enthusiasm, and due to the large number of participants, they were grouped into two groups: Group ‘A' got their hair and makeup for the headshots, whereas Group 'B' received a one-on-one training session on some practices to evolve their acting skills, vocals, and facial expressions. The groups then switched.

The performances in the second audition were on a higher level, thanks to the feedback given on the previous day. The participants had worked on their skills and impressed the FTC team and Suniel Shetty with their performances.

Here are some general advice and tips from the two-day workshop:

  • Enjoy what you are doing to give it your best.
  • Do not follow the stereotype.
  • Make your work truthful.
  • Never copy others’ work; always do it your way and present it differently.
  • Knowing where the voice is coming from is important for you to not damage your vocal cords.
  • Breathing exercises are important and should be practiced regularly.
  • Less is more in body language.

At the end of the day, Suniel Shetty and his team from FTC Talent & Media Entertainment thanked all participants for their hard work during the workshop, and twofour54 for giving this opportunity to FTC to discover the talents of the United Arab Emirates.

This article was written by creative lab member, Fatima Sharif.
Photo credits: creative lab member Mohra AlHammadi.