Creative block is something everyone goes through when trying to come up with new and fresh ideas. Regardless of what type of art you work on, sometimes ideas just don’t flow. At times, trying to come up with an idea is like trying to crawl out of a 6 foot deep muddy hole. But fortunately, there’s always a way out of it, no matter how daunting it may seem. The following is a quick guide to overcome the hurdles of blank thoughts and dull ideas.

1) Don't Panic

So you sit down, you decide to let your creativity flow, and… nothing, no ideas come up. Suddenly you’re sitting there with nothing but your full-of-bad-ideas brain and you start to panic. The first thing you need to do is ignore the emotion of fear that is growing inside of you and tell yourself that it’s normal. It’s normal for your creativity levels to swing and to not perform your best every single time.

2) Take a break

Different people react to different situations in their own way. For some, taking a break can do miracles for their productivity. Stepping away from your work removes all the pressure and stress that you put on yourself to deliver something great right at that moment. Taking a break gives you a chance to de-stress and it makes it easier to sit back down again and start over.

3) Just keep going

For others, the only way out is through! Sometimes the only way to get to the good ideas is by coming up with the bad ones. Some ideas lead to others, so come up with them all. Don’t look at your bad ideas as bad. Instead, look at them as a bridge to coming up with something great! Figure out which method works for you best, then trust that it’ll help you get to the good ideas.

4) Come up with a structured plan

A good structure can do wonders for creativity. Working on anything without a plan is daunting and it's the same with work that requires creativity as well! Break down your project into baby steps and give yourself smaller goals to accomplish. You’ll be more motivated once you see you’re checking things off of your checklist!

Lastly, always remember that creative block is common and it doesn’t reflect on how creative you are. Just think of creative block as you learning to extend the limits of your creativity! So don't get discouraged and keep on creating!

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This article was written by twofour54 intern, Muhimma Sulaiman.