In order to accomplish this, we're going to need your help in making this a safe and friendly community for all to enjoy. The guidelines below are simple rules that ought to help ensure this:

Interacting with others

We give you several ways to interact with community members on this website. When connecting with others, make sure you follow some basic rules and ensure that you are:

  • Respectful
  • Courteous
  • Friendly
  • Polite
  • Professional

Please also make sure no bad language is used on the site, in your communication with others and in any of your comments.


We encourage you to voice your opinions and take part in discussions across the website. When doing so, please adhere to the following rules:

  • Cursing, bad language and insulting others is not allowed
  • Do not insult, attack or harass others
  • Disclosing personal information (such as your mobile number or email address) is strictly forbidden
  • Disclosing other people's personal information is also forbidden
  • Posting advertisements or spam is not allowed

Please note: If any of the above is not adhered to, you will be banned from the creative lab community website.

Messaging Members of the Community

We've allowed members of the creative lab Community to message each other. Messaging others should be strictly and exclusively for the purpose of professional networking. Here are some basic guidelines:

  • When messaging others, have a specific purpose in mind - don't just message for the sake of messaging
  • If the person you're messaging doesn't reply, don't message again - they might not be interested in what you're proposing
  • If somebody messages you, we encourage you to reply - even if you're not interested, just reply saying so
  • The same rules as commenting apply here - don't be rude, don't harass people and don't spam people

We want this to be a safe and friendly community, so if you're being bugged by somebody or want to report anything, please let us know.

We're serious about these rules and truly believe they'll help make this community a great place in which to work and play - so please... follow them strictly.

If you have any questions, read through our Frequently Asked Questions.